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Strive, Support, Succeed

Dear Future Acton Child,


Acton is where we support each other with kindness and respect. It's where we are expected to strive: identifying challenges as opportunities to grow through perseverance and courage. Finally, this is where we succeed together: gaining wisdom and showing humility, to help us flourish on the next steps of our journeys. 


Best Wishes,


The Acton Child


"Be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

1 Peter 3:8




Our school vision at Acton is underpinned by the theology of Peter’s first letter.

This letter was addressed to Christians living in Asia Minor during the apostolic age (the time immediately after Jesus died) when they were suffering high levels of adversity and ill treatment.

In his letter, Peter offers advice and guidance: connecting, comparing and contrasting the experience of Christians at the time with the life of Jesus.


At Acton, we always seek to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for all, as we know this is needed for everyone to feel ready to learn, to flourish and to succeed.

We also know that we grow and adapt by experiencing carefully created and controlled challenges. Through this we become aware of the need to strive and take ownership of our own development.

Peter’s advice to, “be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble” helps all of us at Acton to work together, support our peers and care for each other: it guides us to strive for what we believe in and come together in times of adversity to ensure we all succeed.


Our school’s core Christian Values reflect our vision and Peter’s teachings and we continue to explore their meaning through discussion, prayer and collective worship:

Strive – Perseverance and Courage

Support – Compassion and Friendship

Succeed – Humility and Wisdom


Finally, we all take a page out of Peter’s book and seek to write our own letters: to advise pupils about their next school year as part of transition, to advocate for change as part of the Faith, Eco or School Council and to offer thanks to all those who help and support us.