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Who's Who


Mr Jonathan Gray is the Headteacher.
Mrs Laura Clow teaches Year 6 (Wolves) 

Mr Alex Newcombe is Deputy Headteacher and teaches Year 5 (Penguins) 

Mrs Nicci Price and Mrs Hazel Fielder teach Year 4 (Lions)
Miss Daisy Underwood teaches Year 3 (Elephants)
Miss Anna Osborne teaches Year 2 (Hedgehogs )
Miss Megan Fuller (Maternity Cover) teaches Year 1 (Owls)
Mrs Hazel Fielder and Mrs Katy Hammond teach Reception (Caterpillars).

Miss Hannah Steward is currently on Maternity Leave.


Curriculum Responsibilities

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

Mrs Fielder

Maths, MFL

Mr Newcombe

Assessment, PE, 

Mr Gray

Foundation Stage

Mrs Fielder

Foundation Stage, Music

Mrs Hammond 

PSHE, PhonicsMiss Steward

Art, DT, English

Mrs Price

History, RE

Miss Underwood

Computing, Science

Miss Osborne
GeographyMrs Clow



Support Staff


Mrs Jos Butcher - HLTA                  

Mrs Sarah Dykes - LSA/MDSA

Mrs Trudy Fisher - HLTA

Mrs Lexie Frost - LSA/MDSA

Mrs Mary Game - MDSA

Mrs Lorna Koksal - MDSA

Mrs Gilly Lawson - LSA/MDSA

Mrs Heather Sargeant - Apprentice LSA

Mrs Laura Smith - LSA/MDSA

Mrs Jo Pegley - LSA/MDSA

Miss Samo Lyttle - LSA/After School Sports clubs


Mrs Sue Pocock - School Bursar

Mrs Laura Smith - School Administrator 

Mrs Jo Pegley - School Administrator                    








The School does not have any employees who have a gross salary of £100,000 or more.