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Acton Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Be Kind, Take Pride and Enjoy!

Who's Who


Miss O'Neill is the Headteacher.
Mr Gray is Deputy Headteacher and teaches Year 6 (Wolves) 

Mr Newcombe teaches Year 5 (Penguins) 

Miss Osborne teaches Year 4 (Meerkats)
Miss Underwood teaches Year 3 (Elephants)
Miss Willmott teaches Year 2 (Bumblebees )
Miss Steward teaches Year 1 (Owls)
 Mrs Fielder teaches Reception (Caterpillars).
 Mrs Hammond is on maternity leave during 2018/19.

Mrs Blyth teaches brass instrumental lessons to Years 5 and 6


Curriculum Responsibilities

R.E is a shared responsibility. As we are a Church School, we consider that we are working towards becoming a centre of excellence for RE teaching and learning.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

Miss O'Neill


Mr Newcombe

Assessment, PE, Computing, English

Mr Gray


Mrs Fielder

Foundation Stage,  PSHE

PHSE, English

Mrs Hammond 

Miss Steward

Art, DT, MFL

Miss Willmott


Miss O'Neill


Miss Underwood

Geography, Foundation Stage

Mrs Fielder



Support Staff


Mrs Tricia McFadden                Inclusion Manager


Mrs Christine Anderson            LSA

Mrs Joss Butcher                     HLTA                  

Mrs Alison Chapman                HLTA

Mrs Sarah Dykes                      LSA/MDSA

Mrs Trudy Fisher                       LSA/MDSA

Mrs Lexi Frost                           LSA/MDSA

Ms Eileen Frost                         LSA/MDSA

Mrs Mary Game                         MDSA

Mrs Phillippa Gunn                     LSA/MDSA

Mrs Lorna Koksal                       MDSA

Mrs Gilly Lawson                        LSA/MDSA

Mrs Debbie Reeley                     HLTA

Mrs Laura Smith                         LSA/MDSA

Mr Michael Todd                         LSA/MDSA

Miss Patsy Barnard-Jones         Apprentice LSA

Mr Billy Ireland                           Apprentice LSA


Mrs Sue Pocock                         School Bursar