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Be Kind, Take Pride and Enjoy!


Welcome to our Governors' section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

Message from the Chair of Governors - Mr Adrian Brett


I have been a Governor since 2011 and have undertaken the role of Chair since 2012.There is a great sense of pride being associated with Acton CEVC Primary School, it is a happy place where young people feel safe and supported. Our school ethos is based on inclusion and being at the heart of the local community.


I have an active interest in education at all levels. Outside the role as a Governor I work in higher education for a regional university as a Media Project Manager. Main responsibilities include assisting in defining and the delivery of strategic upgrades and operational readiness to the over 300 teaching and learning spaces across the university. I also have experience of other educational IT including digital signage and video conference delivery. Working within the educational environment is helpful in understanding the work governors are required to carry out engaging appropriate stakeholders to acheive collective goals.


The Governors recognise that the school must constantly strive to improve and innovate to ensure the best possible outcomes for its pupils. The Governing Body is heavily involved in the creation of the School’s Improvement Plan and acts as a ‘critical friend’ in all matters. The Governors are part of the leadership of the school and are integral to strategic planning. Governors both support and challenge the Headteacher and senior staff to ensure that the school performs as well as it should and that all pupils have the very best opportunity to learn & grow.


Working very closely with the Headteacher, the Governing Body is ultimately responsible for the curriculum delivery, the school’s finances, personnel matters and also maintaining the school premises. The Headteacher and staff are responsible for the planning, teaching and monitoring of the National Curriculum and the day-to-day running of the school. The Governors, Headteacher and staff work in partnership to promote the aims of the school.


In short, the Governing Body’s aim is to ensure Acton CEVC Primary School provides its pupils the best educational start in life helping them to become happy, confident individuals who are given every opportunity to reach their potential.


If you have any questions, comments, feedback or general observations concerning our Governing Body and would like to talk to me, then please contact me through the School Office.


Be kind, take pride and enjoy!



Mrs Victoria Mekni - Vice Chair of Governors


I currently have two children attending Acton Primary School and am keen to support the school to adapt to a changing world, grow and develop. 

Being a parent gives me the ability to make decisions and consider actions with the parents' point of view in mind and, most importantly, believe that the children's best interests should be at the core of everything that we do.


Coming from a business and managerial background also helps me to consider the future of the school and the longevity of decisions.


I believe in this school and the amazing staff who strive to make our children's futures bright and fulfilled.

Mr Jerry Brett


 I have been a governor for over three years and my daughter is a pupil at Acton Primary. My son also went to Acton before going up to Ormiston Sudbury Academy. have lived in Acton since 1996 and was born and brought up in the Sudbury area.


I am the governor responsible for literacy and, after more than thirty years in the workplace it is clear to me how important it is to have good literacy standards. Even in this age of computers and smartphones it is necessary to know the principles of reading, spelling and grammar so that you can express yourself effectively. In my time working for DWP Jobcentres I have seen too often the result when the education system fails a young person.


Here at Acton Primary I am pleased to say that our teachers and assistants are dedicated to drawing out the best from the children. As a governor I believe it is my duty to maintain a process of continuous improvement. The time a child spends at primary school usually forms their attitude and achievement for their entire educational career. We have a golden opportunity to change each child’s future for the better by giving them the best experience that we possibly can.


As a Lean practitioner I have also been encouraged by the way that commercial visual management and problem solving techniques have percolated through to the classroom. I believe that this can only be a good thing as it makes education more relevant to the workplace.


Of course, education is only part of the story. Acton Primary School is a community in itself. Children grow their personalities here. They develop their interests and viewpoints. They make friends and learn to respect and care for others. Governors have a part to play in nurturing and contributing to this community and I am proud to play my part.


Mr Jonathan Gray

I have been a governor since November 2016.

I have been a class teacher and assessment coordinator at Acton CEVC Primary school since September 2014, having worked in primary schools of various sizes and differing locations over my career.

As a member of staff at the school, I have a keen interest in the ensuring the school is governed in the best possible way to ensure the children are given every opportunity to develop and make progress. This is important in my role as Deputy Headteacher in the school but also for my current and future classes.

Being the assessment coordinator, my role on the Governing Body is concerned with the attainment and progress of the children. I am able to prepare reports which explain the latest assessment information to my fellow governors and answer any questions that may arise.  

Dr Colin Rawlins

I am a retired Headteacher. Prior to headship I served on the science advisory team in Suffolk and later was a school inspector.


Currently I am a Family Learning tutor for Realise Futures Learning and Development. I also teach science part-time at Acton CE VC Primary where I serve as the nominated governor with responsibility for finance.


As a governor I am totally committed to playing my part in ensuring the success of the school to serve all families within the Acton community. Particularly important are our efforts to promote Christian values, respect, tolerance, creativity and enjoyment of learning.

It is extremely rewarding to work as a member of the team, supporting the Headteacher and all other colleagues to sustain the continuing improvements in all aspects of school life.

Miss Julie O'Neill - Headteacher
Reverend Caroline Hallett


The Governors of Acton CEVC Primary School

Governing Body Membership: Autumn 2018


Category of Governor

Term of Office

Named Governor

Roles and Responsibilities

Register of Interests

Mr Adrian Brett

Co-opted Governor

4 years

Ends 31 Aug 2019

Chair of Governors

Health and Safety, PE


Mrs Victoria Mekni

Parent Governor

4 years

Ends 31st August 2019


Vice Chair of Governors


Health and Safety




Mr Jerry Brett

 Co-opted Governor

4 years

Ends 22 April 2020

Attainment Named Governor



Mr Jonathan Gray

Co-opted Governor

4 Years

Ends 31st August 2019





Parent Governor

Staff Governor





Dr Colin Rawlins

Co-opted Governor

4 years

Ends 31 Aug 2019

Finance Named Governor



Rev Caroline Hallett


Foundation Governor


Until such time as she

relinquishes the office

which entitled her

to her appointment.

Safeguarding Named Governor

Personnel Named Governor

Statutory Funding Named Governor

Headteacher’s Performance Review


RE, Collective Worship,

Headteacher's Performance

Review, Educational Visits


Miss Julie O’Neill



Until such time as she

relinquishes the office

which entitled her

to her appointment.





Full Governing Body Meeting Register 2018-19


Governor Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Mr A Brett ü ü ü ü ü ü
Miss J O’Neill ü ü ü ü ü ü
Mr J Brett ü ü ü ü ü ü
Mr J Gray ü ü ü ü ü ü
Rev C Hallett ü ü ü ü ü ü
Mrs V Mekni   ü ü ü ü ü  
Dr C Rawlins ü ü ü   ü ü
Mrs C Dyer       ü ü ü