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Personal, Social and Health Education

If you would like a paper copy of our PSHE Policy please contact the School Office on 01787 377089 for help.  There is no charge for any document. 

Anti- Bullying Week 2020


This year, we have seen people and communities rally together to help each other against a global    challenge.

Anti-Bullying week is celebrating this collective power we have, as individuals and together, that we can use to tackle bullying.

For Anti- bullying day we have been completing activities about being united as a team, as we all have a part to play in keeping peace. The story we looked at was called ‘I walk with Vanessa’. We then wrote our own stories to go with this wordless story. Also, we create a puzzle piece to add what part we are going to play to be united against bullying.  

At Acton CEVC Primary School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum where learning develops from:

-Trips, visitors and first hand experiences;

-Curriculum days;

-Stimulating learning environments;

-Opportunities to create, perform and compete;

-Making links between areas of learning;

-Recognising our place in the community.


The Philosophy of Acton Primary School - SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship), Coram Life Education


SCARF is a scheme of work centred on a values-based and ‘Growth Mindset’ approach.  SCARF’s resources help to promote positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience and achievement. These will aid us to meet the new Relationships Education and Health Education statutory requirements.  SCARF supports great learning every day and can be adapted easily to meet individual needs. At Acton we treat staff and children as individuals, this scheme will help us to adapt and change lessons to suit all needs within our setting.  At Acton Primary School, we are committed to the development of children’s social, emotional skills, their health and well-being. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) helps pupils lead confident, healthy and responsible lives as both individuals and members of society.


PSHE is essential in meeting our school's requirement to promote pupils well-being. This is achieved through a planned programme of learning, through which pupils acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their own lives now and in the future (DfE).



The aims of PSHE are divided into 3 core themes:

· Health and Wellbeing;

· Relationships;

· Living in the Wider World.

Each of these core themes have been developed with the idea that they overlap one another and are flexible, allowing planning to be adapted and individualised to meet the needs of each pupil or cohort. Children will show compassion for each other in a trusting environment, whereby they can share and discuss everyday life events.


Teaching of PSHE

PSHE is delivered throughout the school as part of the timetabled curriculum, following a programme of study. It is also taught at different times in other ways, for example, through ‘Learning Together’ sessions, where parents are invited to join their children.


Staff are encouraged to develop an ‘active learning’ approach, by involving the pupils in circle time, discussions, role play, investigation and problem solving activities. Through this the children will learn to show courage and perseverance when managing their own lives. Pupils at Acton CEVC Primary School are also provided with opportunities to learn through practical activities and events, for example showing compassion when fundraising for events, supporting community projects and welcoming school visitors (e.g. police, health professionals).


At Acton, we feel it is important to develop the whole child and for them to know about physical, moral and emotional development. We encourage children to understand the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care, and develop their understanding of sexuality and sexual health.


Wordl Book Day- ' Bee and Me'

PSHE Learning Together