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Year 4 Foxes

Do you believe in Father Christmas?

The Foxes took to the stage to get their audience into the Christmas mood with their performance of ‘Do you believe in Father Christmas?’ at OSA. The performance was the highlight of a project with Mr. Cox and Miss Conway-Jarrett from Ormiston Sudbury Academy.

Each only 6 weeks, the Foxes spent an hour learning their lines, songs and actions which makes their wonderful performance even more impressive. Having only had one run through on the large stage, the Foxes looked every inch the West End stage actors as they performed under the lights.

Thank you and well done to the Foxes (unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice) and Mr. Cox and Miss Conway-Jarrett for some fabulous festive fun!

Foxes, autumn 2


This term Foxes will be learning:




This term Foxes will be focusing on learning their times tables. This is an essential part of maths and are the building blocks to success in this subject. We will be working more on multiplication and division problem solving and reasoning questions, developing a deeper understanding of these concepts. Mental maths is also being worked on this term with the children learning effective strategies to be able to answer mental calculations quickly and correctly.




Instruction writing will be the focus for the first part of autumn 2. The children will be studying the techniques of instruction writing and how to apply this to a recipe. The children will become famous cooks, presenting their own cooking channel demonstrating the skills of writing through oral presentation. 


Spellings this half term will focus on homophones and the 'i before e' rule. Within our grammar sessions we will be looking at different types of sentences: statements, questions, commands and exclamations. Commas in lists and apostrophes are our punctuation focus.



Colchester Castle 


Foxes had a wonderful time at Colchester Castle. This experience brought their classroom learning to life.

Foxes, Autumn 1


We have had a great start to the autumn term and the children are working extremely hard with the challenges of year 4.



So far we have been investigation the place value system, looking at the value of a digit in any number up to 10,000; comparing and ordering numbers and exploring numbers below 0. The children have enjoyed changing Roman numerals to Arabic numbers and vice versa.

Could you solve these?


1785 = 

Our main focus until the end of term will be the four functions of maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Looking at skills, fluency, problem solving and reasoning.



During our English lessons this term, we have been studying poetry based on our topic 'Rise of the Romans'. The children have created some fantastic poems based on Boudicca, the Iceni queen. We are now starting to create and edit our own adventure stories ready to be published on to the computers.





Foxes had an amazing day on Thursday, learning about the 'Rise of the Romans' thanks to Portals to the Past. The children were enthralled with all of the artefacts on display. They all particularly enjoyed handling the swords and the spears... the killing objects!

They gained a vast amount of detailed historical knowledge and even took part in a battle between the Romans and Celts. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all.

Portals to the Past

Snapshots of our class in action

Welcome to Year 4 from Mrs Mitchell, Class Teacher