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Religious Education

At Acton CEVC Primary School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum where learning develops from:

  • Trips, visitors and first hand experiences
  • Curriculum days
  • Stimulating learning environments
  • Opportunities to create, perform and compete
  • Making links between areas of learning
  • Recognising our place in the community

As a Church School, RE has a very high profile within our curriculum at Acton CEVC Primary School. We echo the aims of the Church of England Statement of Entitlement (2016) by providing Religious Education which is rich and varied, enabling learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. We also provide a wide range of opportunities for learners to understand and to make links between the beliefs, practices and value systems of a range of faiths and world views. We use an enquiry based approach, and links with the Christian Values of the school and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are intrinsic to our RE curriculum.

Christianity is the majority study in RE, and we use The Emmanuel Project as the framework for our RE teaching . Approximately 10% of curriculum time is spent on RE teaching.


At our school, our children:

  • Learn through creative approaches, developing higher level skills such as enquiry, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection to deepen their understanding of the impact of religion on the world;
  • Learn about other religions and world views, nurturing respect for them;
  • Are compassionate towards others and use their growing understanding to develop our school as a trusting and inclusive community;
  • Develop an understanding of Christianity as a living faith that influences the lives of people worldwide and as the religion that has most shaped British culture and heritage;
  • Develop their own spiritual/philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own beliefs and values.



We offer a rich and varied range of teaching approaches to achieve these ends, always striving to challenge every one of our pupils to make the maximum progress regardless of their starting point, with an understanding that different levels of support may be required to help them achieve their goals.

Christian values assemblies- Forgiveness 20.07.20

Christian values assemblies- Hope and Patience 13/07/20

Christian values assemblies- Respect 06/07/20

Christian values assemblies- Kindness and Thankfulness 29/06/20

Christian values assemblies- Friendship 22/06/20

Christian values assemblies- Love and Kindness 15/06/20

Christian values assemblies- Courage 08/06/20


This week we celebrated World Religion Day with visitors, activities and a special assembly. Ruth Ridge from our Open the Book Team talked to everyone about how we all share part of a bigger picture, through the story of The Blind Men and the Elephant, we welcomed visitors from the main world faiths to talk about their beliefs in practice and West End in Schools led dance workshops around the two day theme of 'Who is my Neighbour', 'The Golden Rule' and teamwork and support for each other.

Year 3 & 4 R.E. Crosses Exhibition

As part of our R.E. unit 'Christianity: Symbolic expression', Year 3 and Year 4 worked together to create an exhibition of crosses made from natural materials. The children carefully considered their choices of materials to represent different parts of Christianity. Twelve small stones were chosen to represent Jesus' disciples, whilst red leaves were included to show Jesus' bloodshed. Another group chose to use thorns as a reminder of the thorny crown placed on Jesus' head as he walked to his crucifixion. The children gave thoughtful responses, and produced an inspiring exhibition of crosses.