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King Henry VIII visits Acton CEVC Primary School

What a fantastic Tudor Day Owls and Bumblebees had this week! We came into school on Thursday in our brilliant Tudor outfits. Some of us were dressed as poor Tudors in dark coloured clothes, whereas others were dressed in rich, colourful Tudor clothes. During the day we met King Henry Vlll and learnt all about his life. We found out about how the Tudor period began and all about King Henry Vlll’s wives and children. We took part in a ‘do you think or not think’ quiz. We learnt that the Tudor’s ate bananas but didn’t have potatoes. Our jousting tournament before lunch was also great fun. In teams we had to collect six quoits using jousting spears, the first team to collect them all, won. In the afternoon we had a go at Tudor dancing and played musical instruments along with creating a Tudor rose and playing noughts and crosses.