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Year 6 Wolves


Last Tuesday (4th December), Penguin and Wolf class visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to learn more about our topic on the Ancient Egyptians.

After arriving, we went to the workroom and sketched designs on real papyrus paper before painting them with gouache and then adding gold for a finishing touch.

In the afternoon, our guide (Felicity) took us to the gallery where we were told about the sarcophagus lid of Rameses III. We were then split into three groups: Food and Drink; Magic and Charms; and Looking Good. We looked around for artefacts in our groups before completing question sheets in the gallery.

It was a lovely day and we learnt lots of interesting facts.

By Josie, Year 6

The Great Mummification Experiment

As part of our History work on Ancient Egypt (with Year 5), we carried out a mummification experiment to find out what would happen to a range of fruit and vegetables (and a tinned hotdog) if they were left in a natron mixture of 40 days.

At the start of the experiment, we drew the 'Pharaohs' before they were put into the natron (which was made up of table salt, washing soda and baking soda). We also measured the weight, length and circumference too.

After 40 days, Mr. Gray removed the Pharaohs so we could repeat the measurements and also make visual comparisons with the control Pharaohs - these had been placed into bags and kept in the same conditions as the mummified Pharaohs.

We were really surprised by how much moisture had been absorbed by the natron and the effect this had had on the Pharaohs (as you can see from the photos).

Tutankhamen's Tomb

Still image for this video
As part of our history topic, the Wolves were challenged to use SketchUp to create a 3D CAD model of Tutankhamen's tomb using the exact dimensions. This was quite tricky and required lots of thought but they persevered and learnt many new skills. Here is an animation of Teira's 3D model.

A visit from the Judge

Today, 13th September, the Wolves were visited by Judge Overbury QC from Ipswich Crown Court. 

As part of his visit, the Wolves acted out the mock trial of Johnny Rotten who had been accused of stealing a bike from a shed. Before the trial began various members of the class had to put on robes and wigs to make increase the authenticity of the occasion. Each participant had to explain the role that were going to play in the trial - this included the two barristers, criminal investigators and the jury. As the trial progressed and the evidence shared it wasn't looking good for Johnny Rotten. In the end the jury found him guilty and he was served with a £200 fine!

Following the trial, Judge Overbury very kindly stayed to answer our questions about what he does as a judge and told us about some of the exciting cases that he has presided over.

The timing of the Judge's visit was perfect as, in our English lessons, we are studying a poem which tells the story of a real murder which took part in 1844. During the unit the Wolves will be presented with additional evidence and have to decide whether the correct man was hanged for the crime.

We were very grateful to Judge Overbury for visiting us today, we know that that he is a very busy and important man. Everyone, including Mr. Gray and Miss O'Neill, learnt a lot about the trial process and the role of the court system.


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