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Year 6 Wolves


As part of our history unit on the Ancient Greeks, the Wolves (and their Penguin friends) visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

The day consisted of two sessions. The first part of the day was spent in the art studio. Here we learnt about the different types and uses of pots and pottery during the ancient Greek period. We looked at photos and replica pots before designing our own pots.

Some of the Wolves incorporated sporting themes into their designs while others used repeated patterns – incorporating the different brush strokes. The staff were so impressed that they have asked permission for some of our work to be uploaded on to the Fitzwilliam Museum webpage.

After lunch, we headed up into the galleries. When we were there, Kate, our guide, told us a  Greek myth to explain the seasons; we learnt to be historical detectives while looking at a beautiful sarcophagus; and learnt more about pottery – the many different people who played a part in the creation of the beautiful pots and the stories that they tell.

It was a wonderful day, full of learning. Hopefully some recounts of the day will appear on the webpage shortly.

Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre

Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 1
Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 2
Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 3
Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 4
Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 5
Yr13 Cyberbullying Community Theatre 6
Today, we were visited by a group of Year 13 BTEC Drama students from OSA. We took part in an interactive community theatre performance. During the performance, which highlighted different situations which children find themselves when using social media, the Wolves had to act as the actors' brains and help them tackle the situation; thinking about what the actors should say and how they should deal with the situation.

Poppy Appeal

Poppy Appeal 1
Poppy Appeal 2
Poppy Appeal 3

As part of the British Legion's Poppy Appeal, the Wolves have been responsible for raising money for the appeal by selling poppies, bracelets and 'snap-bands' during playtimes. The Wolves volunteered to give up their free time to organise and sell the items. It was great to see the care and kindness shown to their friends, especially the younger children.

The Wolf Pack also led for the reading and singing in our Remembrance Assembly when we were joined by two paratroopers from the Colchester barracks.

Story Stepping

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have been using Story Stepping to plan our next independent write. As part of our unit looking at the book 'The Eighteenth Emergency' by Betsy Byars, we will be writing a story about a child overcoming a problem with a bully.

For each step, we had to add an adverbial phrase, a preposition, an exciting verb and an expanded noun phrase.

At the end, we put it altogether (watch the noisy video) and we will be using the plans to write our stories tomorrow.

Divali Dance Workshop

Still image for this video
Today we worked with Westend in Schools to create a Divali themed Bollywood dance routine. After working through each segment, we put it altogether. We hope you enjoy watching our moves!

Picasso Artwork

Picasso Artwork 1
Picasso Artwork 2

We have now finished our artwork influenced by Picasso. 

We began by studying a selection of Picasso's Cubist work focusing on his guitar collages.

After sketching guitars, we aimed to make the form of the guitar recognisable even though its proportions were distorted and its general shape disjointed.

We are really proud of our work and it looks great on the walls outside our classroom.

Cake sale

Cake sale 1
Cake sale 2
Thank you to everyone who donated cakes to our sale today (especially George in Year 2 despite not being a Wolf!). Everything was sold and we raised £65 for class funds (a post Week-that-shall-not-be-named treat). Thank you to FOAS for organising and manning the stall for us too.

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Math Antics - Order Of Operations

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