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Year 3 Elephants


Clay: Woolly Mammoths

Year 3 enjoyed an afternoon of clay with local potter, Mrs Mallows. We learnt how to create thumb pots, which then transformed into the head and body of a mammoth! We learnt a variety of techniques to smooth the clay, and use slip to get two pieces to stick together. The mammoth was quite a tricky challenge, but with hard work and perseverance, we saw some fantastic results. We are excited to get them back from the kiln very soon.
On October 10th, Year 3 were delighted to be joined by Portals to the Past for an exciting day learning about the Stone Age. We came to school all dressed up in our Stone Age outfits and partook in a variety of activities over the course of the day. We began by learning about the evolution of man; before learning how to hunt and gather. This involved throwing 'spears' at a 'deer', and gathering the non poisonous fruits and berries. Later, we built Stonehenge using blocks, climbed through a tunnel to mine for bronze, and had a battle against another tribe! An informative, and exciting day all round!

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