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Year 3 Elephants

Time for Clay: Woolly Mammoths

Stone Age- Iron Age Day (12.10.2017)

Today we were visited by Portals to the Past to experience a day in the Stone Age! We learnt about evolution and early man, how tools and weapons changed and adapted over time, and about the importance of hunting and gathering. We played 'hunt the mammoth', and practised quietly shooting a deer with a javelin! In teams, we built a small version of Stonehenge, and discovered its religious and spiritual importance. Towards the end of the day, we looked at the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, participating in a 'minecraft' style hunt for some malachite, and a Celtic battle!

The children looked amazing in their costumes, so thank you for all of your efforts! They participated, listened and showed great enthusiasm during the whole day, and are brimming with new knowledge.

Enjoy looking through a slideshow of photos from the day.