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The aim of mathematics at Acton CEVC Primary School is to develop mastery through:

  • a positive attitude and growth mindset towards mathematics and an awareness of the relevance of mathematics in the real world;
  • competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills;
  • a coherent knowledge of the key recall facts that enable fluent mathematical problem solving;
  • an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately;
  • initiative, perseverance and an ability to work both independently and in cooperation with others;
  • an ability to communicate mathematically, using a deep understanding of the language and concepts concerned;
  • an ability to use and apply mathematics across the curriculum and in real life;
  • an understanding of mathematics through a clear process of instruction, enquiry and experiment.
Picture 1 (Mathematics Mastery: Principles and Approach)