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Acton CEVC Primary School entrance.
We are lucky to have a large playground. Here is the empty numberline
Our new raised flower beds
We have fun on the tyres! We have adventures in the willow structures.
If we need quiet time, we go to our lovely Secret Garden
Captain Lock's special ship!

Last updated Wednesday 10th September September


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QWeWe have all really enjoyed our first day back at school.....

Monday 8th September

Penguins and Geckos will be returning.....inbetween 3.15pm and 3.30pm!!!



Today is the day Penguins and Geckos have been waiting for!!!




They are all ready to go off on their adventures with Mr Leathers, Mr Necombe, Mrs Reeley and Mrs Anderson!

Keep looking on the Penguin and Gecko pages for regular updates!!

Latest update Sunday 7th  on Penguin and Gecko pages!

On Monday, Mr Leathers will phone school to give a more accurate time of their return. I will put the time HERE (on the Homepage of the website!)

We look forward to hearing all about it at an assembly on Friday 12th September 2.15pm

(for parents of Penguin and Geckos)




We have all enjoyed our first day back at school....BUT it is very tiring!

We had a LOVELY surprise at the end of the day when two of our old friends came back to visit...

Here they are on the new Owl Mat


and the Year 6 sofa! 

Lovely to see you girls, come back soon!

And MORE visitors Tuesday 9th September


Lovely to see you too girls! 




Acton School seeks in partnership with parents, to be a place of excellence where young people are given the best possible opportunities for learning within a supportive and caring community.

Acton School upholds Christian Values and respects the rights of all associated with it to develop their fullest potential, both academically and socially, individually and communally.